Our Available Curriculum

Created with guided projects that can be done as well as oppportunities for mentorship, it will ensure you to have fun learning experiences or great club sessions. The curriculum is open to anyone, including teachers who want to use the curriculum for teaching and students who want to use the curriculum to study. If interested in the curriculum, please click on the "Request" buttons below the specific topic and fill out a form. We will respond to you with the curriculum as soon as possible.

Computer Science Principles

Topics: digital information, hardware, the definition of programming, scratch and glitch activities

Content Writers: Sharanya Udupa and Aastha Verma

Introduction to Python

Topics: data types, functions, arrays, methods, iterations to dictionaries, tuples, and projects

Content Writers: Maitreyi Sinha and Sakina Muckadam

Introduction to Java

Topics: data types, variables, conditionals to arrays, recursion, and classes

Content Writers: Aditi Jorapur and Pravalhika Kurapati

Introduction to Github/Git

Topics: pushing, pulling, merging, and other actions on Github or through Git

Content Writers: Tanya Kemkar

Website Development

Topics: coding basics, html, css, basic javascript

Mentor: Claire Filipek

Content Writers: Ananya Gollakota